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X-Arm Motorized Robotic Wall Mount

X-Arm Motorized Robotic Wall Mount for LCD/Plasma

X-Arm Motorized Robotic Wall Mount – X700CB: A short video showing all the basic movements of the X-Arm motorized TV wall mount – Model X700CB. It will mount any Plasma or LCD TV. The X-arm is a motorized robotic wall mount for flat panel HDTV’s that allows a viewer to adjust the viewing angle of the TV with the convenience of one click on a remote control.

When people build a home cinema they forget just how essential the mount is to their viewing experience. Unless your room is pitch black, chances are you have the glare that can reduce the quality of the picture. You might also need to adjust your screen depending on where you are sitting at any given time.

The X-Arm is the only mount that allows you to constantly have the best picture possible regardless of glare or viewing angle. If you have ever tried to adjust a traditional mount you realize how tedious and difficult a process that can be. X-Arm is designed to handle heavier and bigger size TVs between 40″ and 63″ weighing up to 180 pounds.

What is unique about X-arm is that it can retract the TV so that it is only 4.6″ from the wall and extend the TV about 12″ from the wall. Once extended, X-Arm can swivel a 42″ TV left and right 28° each way (total of 56°), and tilt the TV up 7° and down 20° (total of 27°). Visit for more information

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