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Where Can I Find a Cheap VESA Mount for a HDTV

Where Can I Find a Cheap VESA Mount for a HDTV

I’m looking for a cheap VESA mount because I have a 22 inch LCD TV and a 40 inch LED TV. They are both fairly slim and lightweight. I want to get two VESA mounts but i don’t have the money to pay $100 for each mount. Where can i find good quality and affordable VESA mounts… I’m thinking somewhere around $10-50 each?

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Answer by classicsat
To find your cheap VESA mount, the easiest thing to do is get off your butt and start looking around. Go look around your local stores like Best Buy or Target so you can get an idea of what you need in person. Or for MUCH better pricing start searching online. You can look on Amazon, eBay, or even just do a simple Google search.

In my opinion, pricing will be very similar between Amazon and eBay – eBay might be a little cheaper but the sellers on Amazon seem to be more trustworthy. You might get a simple little flush wall mount for the 22″ for even less than you mentioned above. I got one from a local retailer for $20 that would probably work. Chances are, the same mount on Amazon would be under 10 bucks. For the 40″, you’ll probably need to spend a bit more.

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