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What’s the Best Way to Mount My New TV?

by John at TV Wall Mounting service

Question by Bill2006: Getting a new 46″ LCD HDTV so what’s the best way to mount my new TV? Wall mount, ceiling mount, or TV stand/cabinet?

I need to mount my new TV so I’m looking to learn about your experiences, good and bad, with mounting flat panel HDTV’s. We’re getting a 46″ TV in Blu-Ray player combo package from Best Buy, and we’re wondering about what others have learned about the best ways to mount my new flat panel TV. Any experience/advice, where-to-buy knowledge, best prices, worst experiences… All would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Awesome-0
My advise… Best buy blows and don’t allow them to install sh**!!! They hire kids, they under pay, and they suck at anything beside jacking up your already high priced stuff! My TV sucked wall mounted and had to cut the wall open way more than needed to do all the wiring stuff to make it look like it had no wires, but personally I enjoy the stand better. If floor space isn’t an issue, get the stands with the mount on it. They’re pretty decent and make a stylish look. If floor space is an issue do the proper research and install it yourself or hire an actual professional.

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