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What is the Best Way to Hide Wiring to a Wall Mounted Plasma TV?

Question by Tyler D: What is the best way to hide wiring to a plasma TV mounted on the wall?

I am mounting a plasma on the wall and I was wondering if anyone knew of the best way to hide wiring in the wall when is wall mounting a plasma TV? At least let me know how you went about doing this???

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Best answer:

Answer by Ferris:
The best way to hide wiring depends on the kind of wall you have. I’m going to assume you have a standard wall, framed with 2×4 studs and covered in sheetrock. First, you need to find out where you are installing your TV. Then you’ll have to figure out where you are going to be putting your accessories (DVD player, cable box, etc). Hopefully, the accessories will be directly below the TV or else you’ll have some extra steps.

Once you know the position of the TV and the accessory stand, you will be cutting a hole in the wall directly behind your TV and another one behind the accessory stand (directly below the first hole). Then you will run the wires through the wall from the top hole to the bottom hole. They sell kits to cover the holes you cut in the wall to give it a professional look.

Please note: you should not run power wires through the wall as it will be a fire hazard. The best way to hide the power cord is by installing a power outlet in the wall behind the TV in addition to the hole you cut for the accessory cables.

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