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What is the best wall mount for 32 inch Samsung LCD Television

What is the best wall mount for 32 inch Samsung LCD Television?

Okay, so of course i just bought the 32″ 720p Samsung LCD that was on sale at Walmart for Black Friday! This is the screwy part… I figured the TV would fit in my entertainment centre but it’s actually too big and i just thought about buying another one and then i was like no that’s going to cost to much and i don’t really want a stand either so I’ve came to the conclusion that I’m just going to mount it to the wall! The only problem with that is i don’t know what kind of wall mount to buy… I just looked on and there were like 50 different kinds and as far as I can tell, they all do the same thing. How is it that one can be $12 and another can be $150???? Please help me to understand…. I’m trying to be cheap. I want to get a good one but I don’t want it to be outrageously high priced! So what are your opinions? Best answer: Answer by Stephen M Your first issue is what sort of wall mount do you want? Do you want one that just mounts the TV flat on the wall? Do you want one that allows the TV to tilt slightly? Or would you want an articulating wall mount? A 32-inch set is plenty small enough that an articulating mount will work fine if you want to be able to pull the TV out from the wall and aim in different directions. At the very least, you will probably want a wall mount that allows you to tilt the set. Flat is usually meant for areas in tight walkways (on the wall at the foot of your bed, etc). What do you think? Answer below!

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