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What are Good Points of Flat Screen TVs Over Projectors?

Question by zee_prime: What are good points of flat-screen TVs over projectors?

Projection TVs are much cheaper than either wall-mounted plasma screens or LCDs, and there’s no danger they’ll crash to the floor. You can carry the projector around easily and to set it up, all you need do is hang a white sheet on the wall. What are the advantages of large flat-screen TVs over projectors?

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Answer by TrainerMan
The picture is better on a good flat-screen television than anything else I’ve seen. I own an LCD, a projection TV, and we have a projector as well down in the basement for when I used to do my own training. You can also see the flat screen from every angle. I’d go ahead and buy the best plasma or LCD you can buy. You’re going to find that once the light burns out in your projector ONCE, you could have paid for the good flat-screen TV. Also, you can’t watch the projector when the lights are on.

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