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Wall Mount for Plasma TV’s in Drywall?

Wall Mount for Plasma tvs in Drywall?

Question by sadistic_bizzatchTV Wall Mount for Plasma TV in Drywall?
We just bought a 42″ plasma flat screen and would like to mount it on the wall. The only problem is we have drywall. We have other things that are in the wall (HD animated picture, about 20 lbs) that seem to be faring well.

The TV we bought is almost 53lbs. We’re concerned that if we use a wall mount that it will rip off.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, stories they’d like to share? We’re thinking about buying a stud finder and going from there but would prefer not to spend the money.

Best answer:

Answer by RICHARD R at TV Wall Mounting Company

A drywall wall is framed with 2x4s 16 inches apart to which you bolt a plasma mount. You will need a stud finder, ratchet wrench set, 3ft level and drill with the proper size drill bit. Using 3.5″ 3/8 Stainless Steel Lag bolts will afford maximum strength even in earthquake country. If you are not familiar with these tools I recommend getting help from a friend who is. Also mounting a plasma on the wall is generally a two-man job.

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