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Tips on Wall Mounting Your Flat Display screen Television

Tips on Wall Mounting Your Flat Display screen Television

New generation televisions like flat display TVs have changed Television viewing and home entertainment – for the better! Flat screens provide sharp images in vibrant colours and free up floor space. In addition to your entertainment it brings, it also improves the interior decor of your room.

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Liquid crystal display and plasma are the two competing technologies for flat display screen TVs. LCDs are often less expensive than plasma display TVs from the same size and they also consume less energy. However, both the high quality and longevity from the picture is often less than their plasma display screen counterparts.

To mount your flat display screen or plasma Television for the wall, you need a wall mount. Flat display screen Television wall mounts are fairly thin and come in variable sizes to fit 22 to 50 inch screens. They are low profile and some can tilt or tilt and swivel. Low profile models have metal braces, which hang the Television about the wall. Your television will appear like a beautiful picture or wall decoration.

Tilting television wall mounts sit about 2 to 4 inches from the wall. Tilting wall mounts can tilt the display about 15 degrees up or down. With this type of mount, you are able to hang the Television up high and angle it down towards the seating area, which is perfect for your bedroom.

The space needed for installation can be greatly reduced with tilting / swiveling mounts. They can sit the Television about 5 to 20 inches from the wall and can rotate it about 60 degrees as well as tilt it up and down. These attributes make them suitable for installation within the corner of your room.

Installation has to become done with utmost care. Most television wall mounts specify a maximum weight that can be supported, so selection has to become done keeping the size from the set in mind. Avoid installation areas where there is plumbing. Hiring professionals can ensure safe installation and mounting.

Prior planning is necessary to decide the proper placing of cable, speakers, DVD player or gaming system. Remember that proper air flow is required to prevent the components from over-heating. With a few extra dollars you may hide them in a cabinet or in a different room.

Dangling cables could really steal the cleaned up appearance that you’re trying to achieve. Instead of letting them dangle, feed the cables through the wall, hide them behind the wall or use a conduit. Remember that you ought to not run power cords through the wall.

From the future, rates will go down even further on flat screens and also the weight with the mounts will be reduced, aiding in simple mounting. With proper planning and careful selection, your flat display screen Television and wall mount can provide you entertainment for years to come.

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