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Should I Mount My 52 Inch LED TV to the Wall or Set On a Stand?

I just bought a new 52 inch LED HDTV and I’m not sure to mount it or just set it on a stand? Thanks in advance!!!

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There are a few things to consider when putting a large screen TV on the wall:

* The wall you wish to put the TV on needs to be a solid wall
* The TV should not be set above a fireplace or radiator (at least not with extra precautions).
* Are there some screws that came with your TV for mounting it on the wall? If so, you can buy any VESA standard wall mount for a 52 inch LED TV. If you use the screws which came with your TV, they will be much shorter. The screws that came with the wall mount have the chance of being too large and may pierce the components inside the TV when screwing it in.

For TV stands instead of wall mounts, it looks much better in my opinion if you have some equipment connected up to the TV like a game console, Blu-ray player, or cable/satellite set up box, etc, than if it was a TV on a stand of its own.

Also, there is an extremely wide choice of stands out there. Ranging from the cheapest having clear glass, to the more expensive / higher quality ones having smoked black glass. Remember, if you do go for a wall mount for your 52 inch LED TV, you still have other equipment that needs a stand of its own.

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Comparing Floor Stands and Wall Mounts for 52 Inch LED TV’s

Wall Mounts for 52 Inch LED TV’s

TitleVideoSecu Ultra Slim Thin Flat LED HDTV Fashion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32″-55″ LED TV VESA 200×200 300×300 400×400 up to 800×800 – Adjustable Cable Length 1Y2Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65-Inch Plasma LED LCD TVVideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 32″-60″ LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen, Sturdy Steel Wall Plate Free HDMI Cable and 6″ Bubble Level M43
FeatureVESA compatible with from 200X200 up to 800X800 (32 inch x32 inch)
Maximum loading capacity 110 lbs
Ultra-thin mount just place the TV 0.6″ distance from wall
Cable length adjustable up to 30 inch; Black color finish
Standard mounting hardware for concrete, solid block, and wooden studs
Universal design fits virtually any 32″-65″ display
Slim 1.4″ profile in the flat position
Tilt Range: 15 Degree Downward
Weight capacity of up to 160 lbs.
Includes 6″ magnetic bubble level as well as built-in bubble level in wall plate
Fits most 32″ to 60 flat panel screens; VESA compatible up to VESA710x475
Supports screens up to 165 lbs; Solid sturdy wall plate provides strength and durability
Rail design allows TV to shift left and right for TV placement adjustment; Adjustable 15 degree of forward tilt
Content: TV wall mount, high-speed 7 ft V1.3C HDMI cable, 6″ 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level and standard hardware pack
VideoSecu TV wall mount. Report to Amazon if received counterfeit mount not in VideoSecu box
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Floor Stands for 52 Inch LED TV’s

TitleWalker Edison Regal 60-In. 4-in-1 TV Stand with MountOmnimount Elements 503FP 3-Shelf Flat-Panel Floor Stand for Most 42-Inch to 55-Inch Flat Panels (Black)BDI Arena 9972 Freestanding Flat Panel TV Mount for 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs – Gloss Black
FeatureTV stand with mount for 4 different display modes and includes swivel and tilt functions
Sturdy metal construction with black powder coat finish; solid hardwood front
Three beveled 8mm thick tempered safety glass shelves
Universal hardware wall mount for home assembly; stand supports up to 250 pounds
Measures 42 by 20 by 20 inches without mount; 50-inch maximum mount height
Uniquely designed to be used as a flat panel floor stand, or separate video table and mount
Includes interchangeable inserts for four color options (High Gloss Black, Cherry, Brushed Stainless Steel, Walnut)
Pans 30 degrees left and right to adjust viewing angle (when used as flat panel floor stand)
Lift n Lock? allows you to easily attach your flat panel to the mount
Locking system secures panel to mount
Freestanding mount is compatible with select BDI cabinets and other cabinets
Compatible with most 40-Inch – 60-Inch flat panel TVs
Swiveling feature enables adjustable viewing angle
Gloss Black finishes complements today’s TVs
ManufacturerWalker EdisonOmniMountBecker Designed, Inc.
Price$268.97Too Low to Display$645.00
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Pictures of 52 Inch LED TV Wall Mounts

52 Inch LED TV Wall Mount

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