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Should I buy the Samsung UN55B600 or Vizio VF551XVT?

Should I buy the Samsung UN55B600 or Vizio VF551XVT?
It’s down to the mighty Samsung 55″ LED (model UN55B600) or the bargain Vizio 55″ LED (model VF551XVT). Best Buy has the Samsung for $ 1999, Costco has the Vizio for $ 1799.

Samsung pros: crazy thin and light, great picture, lots of options, reputable company.
Samsung cons: non-matted screen. Others?
Vizio pros: cheaper than Samsung, Costco offers 2 years warranty, great picture, matted screen.
Vizio cons: not as reputable as Samsung, ugly speaker bar on the bottom, others?

I was pretty set on getting the Samsung, then I went to Costco to buy a wall mount and saw the Vizio there. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with the two. The thinness/thickness isn’t much of a factor to me. The matted screen could be an issue since the TV will be close to a bunch of windows. Really, I want something that offers good features and options and provides outstanding picture quality. Any tips/advice would be appreciated.

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Answer by Jay at TV Wall Mounts

If you’re looking for a great HDTV around 55″ then I would recommend a Panasonic Viera. It will provide better picture quality and smoothness. Yes, it will not be as thin as an LED but your buying a TV for quality viewing, not how thin it is. If you completely stuck on getting one of the LED TV’s that you have mentioned, hands down for the Samsung

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