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Raise LCD TV Wall Mount?

Raise LCD TV Wall Mount?

Question by johnpitchko: Raise LCD TV wall mount?
I installed a wall mount for my LCD television, however, either our measurements or calculations were incorrect because the TV is a little low for my liking. I was able to adjust the height on the rails attached to the TV to compensate and it looks good, but the idea that the mount itself is low kinda bugs me.

Would I be able to remove the mount from the wall and raise it up between 6 and 12 inches? It is screwed into the studs with four thick lag bolts. Is there any chance of damage to the wall studs if I put the lag bolts into new holes?

Best answer:

Answer by Ron Burgundy
I wouldn’t, you would also need to move the electrical outlet and the hole for the cables. I would leave it where it is.

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