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Plasma wall brackets from

Plasma wall brackets from

Plasma wall brackets from

Secure your telly to the wall safely with plasma wall brackets

Go on, admit it, you’re excited, aren’t you? Your new super-duper, all-singing, all-dancing, 50″ HD, backlit, slimline, sexy, plasma TV will be arriving in the morning and you can’t wait to try it out. It’s going to be mounted on the wall and you’ve taken no chances because you’ve just bought one of those plasma wall brackets that will keep the television nice and secure. You’ve made a massive saving on your bracket because you bought it online through a specialist AV store. They sold plasma wall brackets for all makes of televisions and you soon find the ideal item. Their universal plasma wall brackets are really cheap to buy but they’ll provide the stout security that your TV will need in its new setting.

Aren’t plasma wall brackets hard to fit?

Not really. If you have fairly decent DIY skills you should be able to fit on of the plasma wall brackets without any trouble at all. If you have any doubts there are always tons of handy people that are advertising their services and you could get them to fit one of the plasma wall brackets on your behalf. Better still, if you have bought a television and a home cinema system from a store, why not let their own team of experienced audio-visual installers fit the plasma wall brackets instead?  It’d save you tons of hassle if you knew your plasma wall brackets had been fitted by a professional.

How far do the plasma wall brackets stick out?

People always want to know the answer to this question. They don’t want their swanky new plasma televisions sticking right out into the middle of the room. Modern plasma wall brackets are very discreet. In fact, once they are fitted you’ll find universal plasma wall brackets only protrude by 19mm. Combine that with the depth of your new ultra-slim plasma TV and the whole installation will hardly protrude at all. With plasma wall brackets fitted in your home, you can have trendy tellies on any wall that you like. Fit them in the lounge, have one in the kitchen and install one in the bedroom for those late-night movies.

With plasma wall brackets from, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality universal plasma wall bracket that can be easily installed and give you the effect you require for your TV.

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