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Plasma Mounts – Costs and Advantages of Use

Plasma Mounts – Costs and Advantages of Use

by Chris_Carter TV Wall Mounting Engineer

Plasma Mounts – Costs and Advantages of Use

Many people still have extremely large, old-fashioned televisions and the reasons are varied. Some like the solid feel of a traditional TV. Others enjoy a near movie like projection style screen and these usually come in the floor model size. Such TV’s often grace home theatres with surround sound, so this can be understandable.

On the whole however, more and more people are investing in flat screen plasma televisions and plasma mounts. These TV’s are becoming more and more advanced with new models trumping their predecessors in numerous ways. One example is how the colors are richer than ever before. Newer flat screens have even made the black darker so that you can view the screen in lower lights. In this way, they trump LCD’s which still have these particular issues. Both TV’s can be wall mounted.

Most people who want to get their hands on a plasma TV are well aware that these devices come with a stand but may not know that wall mounts are optional and have to be purchased separately.

The kind of plasma mounts you buy can largely depends on the size of the screen. Size often correlates with costs, with mounts ranging from 29.00 – 150.00 pounds.

The pricier mounts offer a flush fit (some providing a mere 55 mm differential from the wall) a Vogel Range and the ability to position a small, medium or large screen upon it.

Almost all are universal but some manufacturers prefer their TV’s to be mounted on a specific type of bracket. If the plasma mounts in question are too expensive, you may be able to inquire about less expensive alternatives.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you need to purchase a mount if the TV comes with a stand. The answer is simple enough.

Not only does it save space, something we could all use more of, but you can also place the TV practically anywhere. This fact comes in especially handy if the screen in question is large. Instead of trying to find a surface area that can accommodate it, you can display the TV on any wall in your home!

Another thing you want to consider is the resolution of your screen-if your plasma TV has a high resolution, it may not be so much of a problem but low resolution sets have to be specifically situated to maximize the viewing.

Placing plasma mounts away from extremely dark or too well lit areas in the room will enable you to see the screen, which is the point.

Before you make a final selection on the TV and the accompanying mount-be sure to look around. Far too often people buy impulsively then find out much later that there was a better, less expensive option available to them. Doing online research is one way to locate what you want. Once you find it, you can call around to see if a local store carries the television set and plasma mounts you desire? Then you can take it home and enjoy all the perks of plasma TV ownership.

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