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Moveable Wall Mounts Deliver Best Hdtv Picture Quality

Movable Wall Mounts Deliver Best HDTV Picture Quality

High-definition flat-screen TVs pack a mean punch with incredible colour and unbeatable clarity. Not to mention, these flat screens look stunning sitting on a console or mounted on the wall. Television manufacturers have figured out how to cram all of the necessary technology into a teeny tiny frame – in fact, some newer flat-screen HDTVs are less than an inch thick.

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But many consumers are discovering the ugly truth when watching their flat-screen HDTVs from an angle: a degraded picture quality. Industry experts are now trying to educate people on the importance of “on-axis viewing”. When watching TV straight on, you’re experiencing on-axis viewing, or in other words, you’re watching from the “sweet spot,” where the picture is pristine and perfect. Move either to the left or right of the TV and the contrast ratio starts to shift, making colors appear dull. This is especially true of LCD TVs. Colour degradation is usually much less noticeable in plasma televisions.

A simple solution to ensure you’re getting the most out of your expensive investment, of course, is to always sit directly in front of the TV. This may not be realistic, however, depending on furniture arrangements in the room and where you like to sit.

Sanus Systems, makers of flat-screen TV wall mounts, suggest hanging your television on the wall with a full-motion wall mount. Wall mounting a TV allows you to adjust the viewing angle so the flat screen always faces you wherever you choose to sit. There are many full-motion mount options that allow you to extend, retract, tilt and swivel the TV exactly where you want it. Motorized wall mounts operate with remote control for a fully automated solution so you never have to leave your seat.

And here’s another advantage to wall mounting your TV: safety. Mounts securely place the television up on the wall and out of the way where it can’t be accidentally bumped or tipped off a piece of furniture.

Plus, modern mounts are aesthetically pleasing and designed to accentuate the television and your home décor. Mount the TV with a full-motion wall mount and it’ll be more pleasing to your eye and your home.

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