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LED TVs Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

LED TVs – Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

The first thing to note when considering an LED TV is that in reality, an LED TV is simply an LCD TV with added LED technology. Traditional LCD televisions use fluorescent tubes for lighting. These tubes, while sufficient, decrease the colour quality of “true blacks”. It is this problem that prompted the use of LED technology.

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Two types of LED TVs are available on the market today. The first type is the back-lit LED TV. Back-lit LED TVs utilise LED technology through a series of LEDs placed at the back of the television behind the panel. The main drawback of back-lit LED TVs is size, because the placement of the LEDs creates a thicker screen. In contrast, edge-lit LED TVs enable the use of LEDs around the edge of the screen. This provides comparable quality to back-lit units, while decreasing the thickness of the unit. Additionally, edge-lit LED TVs consume less energy than their back-lit counterparts, which is important to those who are environmentally minded.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to either back-lit or edge-lit, you now have the exciting task of choosing from the many accessory options available on LED TVs. For starters, did you know that your television can now interface with your computer wired or wirelessly? Think of the endless possibilities: live streaming programming from your favourite internet site, unlimited choices in online movies, even home videos from your computer streamed directly to your new LED TV.

In addition, many LED TVs are equipped with USB ports to which you can connect a USB jump drive to display pictures and video right on your LED TV screen. The addition of multiple HDMI ports allows for the connection of other technology such as Blu Ray players, gaming consoles and satellite dish receivers without the need for the bulky coaxial cable, A/V cables and adapters of the past.

One final thing you will also want to consider is where to place your new LED TV. Because of their compact thickness and low weight, LED TVs can be beautifully wall- mounted. By purchasing an additional wall-mount kit, your LED TV can be mounted on the wall creating a sleek, modern look. However, for the more traditional among us, many furniture retailers are filling a need with classically styled TV consoles and armoires which have been specially designed for the slim size of an LED TV.

It is true that buying a television has never been more complex or exciting than it is today. With all of the new choices in technology, it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, you’ve done your research ahead of time, so the hard part is over! All that is left is to head to your favourite retailer and pick out your new LED TV.

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