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Installing Your TV Wall Mount

Installing Your TV Wall Mount

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7 Steps to Installing Your TV Wall Mount

Preliminary notes: I have included a fairly comprehensive guide to properly Installing Your TV Wall Mount below. I highly recommend you read through it and understand the process. However, I also know that you might want a shorter checklist version without the fluff that you could print off and use while installing your TV Wall Mount. I have added that below the guide as well. Enjoy and best of luck in your professional-looking TV Wall mount installation.

The Professionals Guide to Installing Your TV Wall Mount

1) Positioning. This first step to Installing Your TV Wall Mount is one that is often overlooked by most “do-it-yourself” guides out there BUT it is absolutely crucial to the final outcome of the install and how happy you are with your new investment.

Make sure you put some thought into this step. When you install your TV on the wall you will free up a ton of floor space. You can actually rearrange the rest of your furniture in almost any way you could imagine. You could even add more furniture to allow for more seating, etc. What way looks best? What way allows the best flow of traffic between rooms of your house? The possibilities are endless after properly installing your TV Wall Mount.

2) Height. Honestly, this could be a part of the positioning step above. However, the height at which you mount your TV on the wall deserves just as much attention as any other step involved. So here it is holding its own as step 2.

The height requirements will vary with every different set of circumstances. If you have a flat mount (or flush mount), you will want the centerline of the TV positioned at eye level from your seating/viewing area. There are no adjustments that can be made to the TV once it is installed and you want to minimize the chances of unsightly glare on the TV screen.

If you have a tilting mount, you can have the TV mounted higher because you can tilt the TV downwards so you are still looking squarely at the screen. This might be ideal in areas with high amounts of traffic between the seating area and the TV. However, be careful not to mount it so high that you are straining your neck looking up at it.

3) Locate the Wall Studs. Now that you know where you are putting your TV and the height you are installing it, you need to locate the wall studs in that area. You don’t want to hang it on just the drywall or you risk (with a very high chance of) your TV falling from the wall. This could cause injury to you and/or others in the area and would probably destroy your expensive new TV in the process. As you can see, nothing good will come of it.

So now that you understand the need for finding the wall studs when installing your TV Wall Mount, you might be asking yourself “how do I find what I can’t see?” Well, it’s easy really. You invest in a stud finder if you don’t already have one. You can get one for well under $10 at Target. Not only are they cheap, but just like duct tape, they are nice to have around the house for random occasions that you might need it :-)

Follow the instructions that came with the particular stud finder you have. Once you know how it works, mark each end of the wall stud with a pencil. The two marks should be 1.5″ apart (depending on the quality of the stud finder, your marks could be anywhere from 1″ to 2″ apart). When you’re done, you’ll have two pencil marks per wall stud and you’ll need to find at least two wall studs.

Note: I usually find three consecutive wall studs so I can then fine tune where I want to install the TV (the middle of the three studs will be used regardless, and then I decide which stud next to it will be the other end of the TV Wall Mount).

Also of note: Certain TV Wall Mounts, particularly for very large TV’s, will use more than two studs in the installation anyways.

4) Marking the Screw Holes. Now that we know where the studs are, we need to mark and pre-drill holes for the heavy-gauge mounting screws (included with your TV Wall Mount). On one of your two chosen studs, mark a spot for the screw, directly in the middle of your two pencil marks for that wall stud. (Note: Make sure it is marked with your final installation height still in mind.)

Now, using a level, mark the spot for the second screw on the second wall stud you are using. You want to be sure that these marks are level with each other and directly in the middle of your pencil marks for each wall stud.

5) Drilling. Okay. Now that we have the spots marked for the heavy-gauge mounting screws, we need to predrill some holes for those screws. In the instruction manual for your TV Wall Mount, it should state the size of the drill bit to use when predrilling holes for the screws. Drill them – done – step complete.

Note: The holes drilled WILL be smaller than the screws! The instructions are correct. That is what you want. These holes are only there to assist the screws and keep them in line. You need the threads to be biting into the wood of the wall stud so don’t drill the holes too big.

6) Mounting the Mount. Well, it’s time to install the mount to the wall. This step might require two people – especially if it is a large and/or heavy TV Wall Mount. Lift up the half of the mount that attaches to the wall and line up the mounting holes in the mount with the holes you drilled in the wall.

Now that it is lifted up and lined up, you simply start screwing the heavy-gauge mounting screws into the wall. DO NOT tighten these screws yet. Just make sure to get each of the screws, screwed in most of the way.

Now you need that level that you used in step 4 again. Level the wall mount. Tighten the screws. Done.

7) Mounting the TV. Take the second half of the TV Wall Mount which is a simple little bracket that attaches to the back of the TV. Connect the bracket to the TV with the included screws. Once this is done, you simply attach the bracket (now on the back of the TV) to the mount on the wall per the directions included with your TV Wall Mount.

Note: If it is a flat mount (or flush mount) the TV will be held so close to the wall that you will want to attach all of your cables and electronics to the TV before you mount it to the wall.

Extra Tips.

  • Before you fall into the trap of being a do-it-yourself “man” (throwing out any and all instructions) you need to remember that an improper and unplanned install of your TV Wall Mount could result in your TV falling from the wall – DESTROYING your expensive TV…  Have fun claiming manliness to your wife, children, and friends after that.
  • Every TV Wall Mount may be different and have special needs so make sure you follow the instructions included with your specific wall mount. Only use this guide for a simple understanding of the general process.
  • If you have metal studs rather than wood studs, I HIGHLY recommend that you continue installing your TV Wall Mount with this general theme but that you also use special wall anchors and screws that you can get at your local hardware store. Go in, explain your situation to an associate, and they can point you in the right direction and the proper hardware.

7 Steps to Installing Your TV Wall Mount – Printable Checklist

Note: This is just a general routine. If any part of this guide differs from the instructions included with your TV Wall Mount, follow the instructions. Every mount may be different and therefore require different steps. However, this is the best general guide to installing your TV Wall Mount so follow closely.

Step 1 – General Positioning

Step 2 – Height

  • Center-line of TV at eye level from the sitting/viewing area when using a flat mount
  • Adjust height as needed based on traffic in the area
  • Can have excess unsightly glare if placed too high
  • Don’t place it so high you strain your neck watching it

Step 3 – Locate the Wall Studs

  • Using a stud finder, locate 2 or 3 wall studs in the area you are installing
  • Mark both edges of each stud with a pencil

Step 4 – Marking the Screw Holes

  • In pencil, mark a screw hole at the proper height for your needs in the middle of a stud
  • Using a level, mark the screw hole in the middle of the second stud

Step 5 – Drilling

  • Using the drill bit recommended by your TV Wall Mounts instructions drill the holes you marked in Step 4

Step 6 – Mounting the Mount

  • Lift the mount up on the wall
  • Line up the mounting holes in the wall mount with the holes you drilled in Step 5
  • Screw in the mounting screws but don’t tighten completely
  • Level the wall mount
  • Tighten the screws

Step 7 – Mounting the TV

  • Attach the bracket included with your TV Wall Mount to the back of the TV with the included screws
  • Attach the bracket (now on the back of the TV) to the wall mount– DONE!
  • Attach cables and enjoy your new entertainment center!
  • Note: Attach the cables before mounting the TV if it is a flat mount (flush mount)

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