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HDTV Wall mounts, does it really matter what kind you get?

Question by TBS: HDTV Wall mounts, does it really matter what kind you get?

Does it really matter what kind you get? Aren’t they all going to be sturdy?
also on a side note. One says it keeps the tv 1 inch from the wall and the other says 3 inches. Arent most cables connected right behind the tv? so if the tv was 1 inch from the wall, the cables would be smashed, right?

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Answer by gregghalecki at TV Wall Mounts
There are several features to look at when it comes to a wall mount for your flat panel tv.

Flat Vs Tilt
If you are mounting the tv relatively high on the wall, like over a fireplace or something like that, you should get the one that tilts forward a bit. If you have the tv more or less at eye level, the flat one will be just fine. Generally, you will find that the tilting mounts are the ones that leave the tv about 3 inches out and the flat mounts will leave it about one inch out.

Fixed Vs Lateral Shift
Many mounts will work this way. You screw two vertical bars with hooks on them to the back of the tv. Then you screw the wall plate that has a rail on the top into position on the wall. You then lift the tv up and rest it in place, hanging from the plate. You can then shift the tv left or right as needed to get it in the perfect place. Without this feature it becomes about a million times more difficult to get a tv centered correctly as it needs to be to look right, especially if you are putting it between windows, or in a similar situation.

Weight/Size Limit
Certain mounts are only designed to handle tv’s up to a certain size. The mount might be limited by either the weight it can hold, of by the width of the tv that it will actually fit on. If you get a mount that is too small, it will just not fit. If you get one that is not heavy duty enough, there is a real good chance that after a few days, weeks, or months, you will come home to find your tv in pieces on the floor. Just hope your cat isn’t beneath it when it happens…unless you hate your cat.

Most of the tv’s out on the market have the A/V connections set up in a way that even using the low profile mount there is plenty of room for the wires if you are even slightly careful. The correct way to run tight wires for a very simple set up is to cut a hole in the wall behind the tv (many mounts have a hole in the wall plate to accommodate running the wires through there) and run your HDMI, component, s-video, audio, or other wires through the wall and back out through a hole in the wall near the floor, assuming that is where you are keeping the equipment.

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