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Choosing the Right Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

Choosing the Right Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

Tips to choose the right flat-screen TV wall mount for your LCD TV

Flat-screen LCD TV’s look best when mounted on the wall. Most LCD TVs come with a pedestal stand which can be used to place the TV on a table. However, you would need to purchase a wall mount bracket separately if you want to install the LCD TV on the wall.

There is a variety of LCD TV wall mounts available today. Be sure to select the TV location beforehand as it would help you in choosing the right wall mount for your TV. You can choose from basic fixed mounts to those with swivel and tilt options that allow viewing from various angles.

With an adjustable TV wall mount you can get a better view from different seats or even while reclining or doing some chore. Adjustable wall mounts can be put back against the wall when not in use thus saving considerable space.

Here are some of the commonly used LCD TV wall mounts

1. Flat wall mount – The most basic and affordable wall mount available for flat screen LCD TVs. The flat wall mount is a good choice to put up the TV screen in living rooms with a simple seating arrangement in front of the TV set.

2. Tilt wall mount – The tilt mount is best for use where you would like to watch the TV in a reclining position. Most LCD flat screen TVs installed on bedroom walls or over fireplaces should be put up with a tilt mount. This arrangement can also serve to minimize light from windows reflecting on the screen and causing poor picture quality.

3. Tilt and swivel wall mount – This flexible wall mount is best suited for rooms with a semi circular seating arrangement. The angle provides ample viewing opportunity from different spots. The tilt and swivel mount is generally used in kitchens or in dining halls where maximum people can watch the TV at a time.

4. Articulating wall mount – The most versatile of all TV wall mounts, the articulating wall mount enables the TV screen to be viewed at almost right angles to the wall. A combination of levers makes it possible to provide the widest choice of flexibility for viewing the TV screen from any spot in the room.

Other options that can be mentioned are ceiling mounts, ideal for installing flat screen LCD TVs in offices and hotels or wall mounts with attachable racks to house devices like speakers, cable box and DVD player.

Choose a sturdy TV wall mount

Flat screen TVs are not as heavy as the conventional TV sets though you would need to select a mount that is compatible with your TV screen’s dimensions.

LCD TV wall mounts are fabricated from steel and designed to hold a certain range of weight. The standard size wall mount is suitable for a 26-42 inch (66-107 cm) display screen and designed to bear a weight of 100 pounds (about 45 kg).

Ensure that the wall mount is affixed to the wall studs in case of drywall or with anchors if being attached to a brick wall. Remember that the weight of the TV screen rests entirely on the wall mount at all times. Hence select a mount that is able to withstand more than the weight of your TV screen. Also do not forget to install safety screws which serve to hold the screen in place and avoid getting dislodged due to jars and bumps.

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