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Can I Mount a DVD Player Next to My Mounted LCD TV?

Can I mount a DVD player next to my wall mounted LCD TV? Is there a bracket I can buy to mount it?

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Answer by John W
There’s no reason you couldn’t. The things you cannot put next to a television are speakers and other devices which contain magnets. Magnets will bend the electron beam used to make a picture. If it doesn’t contain a magnet then there’s no reason you couldn’t have it next to it.

Generally speaking, having your accessories below your TV is the easiest way to hide the cords through. The studs in your walls run up and down, not side to side. Cutting a hole in the wall behind the TV as well as another one directly below it at the height of your accessories makes life easy. All that is needed to finish the job is for you to fish the cables through a hollow wall. If you try to go sideways, you might as well take the sheetrock off the wall, drill holes in the studs, run the cables, and then completely refinish your wall.

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