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Upon purchasing a Plasma TV, finding a place for it is always the next problem. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that the bedroom or the living area needs it. But today, you have the freedom to place a TV set wherever you want or feel the need to. An LCD TV wall mount installation can help you do that. TV wall mounts let you make use of spaces that are unusual but may still provide optimal viewing.

Most people have a wall mount installation above the fireplace which serves well during cold climate. Why should you move back and forth from the TV to the fireplace to get some heat when you can keep them close together? Telehook TV wall mounts are great to install on hard walls, such as the bricks above the fireplace. Such TV wall mount installation can carry your TV securely so there’s no way it will fall to the fireplace.

It’s also great to have TV wall mount up in one of those corners in the kitchen area. This prevents accidents as the TV set will be kept away from water. At a high corner, you’ll also get a better view of the screen whether you’re cleaning, cooking, or preparing anything. How about those secret shelves or closets in the den? It would be very exciting to open them up and see your flat screen ready to entertain you between work hours at home.

LCD wall mount installation is also great to put in the baby’s room (nursery). Having a well mounted TV gives your child risk-free viewing time. In a bedroom, people would usually pick the ceiling or the wall right in front of the bed for the installation of a TV mount. But with a full-motion TV mount, it’s possible to have your TV by your side wall. You just pull the TV set towards you during viewing time and push it back afterwards. This makes the room look cleaner and you’re TV set will be much nearer now.

A good lcd wall mount installation can hold your TV set securely so you won’t have to worry about it falling off check out

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