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DIY Custom Homemade TV Wall Mount - Cheap!

25 Responses to “DIY Custom Homemade TV Wall Mount – Cheap!”

  1. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    @mikeyssmail Thank you very much :-)

  2. mikeyssmail says:

    great idea!

  3. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    @MightyJKnutsen It sure does. The old days of a big monitor taking up your whole desk are gone. :-)

  4. MightyJKnutsen says:

    I really like to mount my monitor. Did it today. It gives you so much more space for your keyboard etc.

  5. lukechris1995 says:

    jeez, you spend all that money on a tv then want to spend 0 on mounting it, safely
    man your risky

  6. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    @Sterling9191 You loosen the locking nut and washer and pull back on the bolt turning counter clockwise, The wing part of it will unscrew and fall down inside the wall (they are kind of a one time use thing) But you can buy more of the wings from the hardware store if you wanted to mount it again in a different location.

  7. Sterling9191 says:

    How do you remove the wall anchors if needed?

  8. sergio650bay says:

    if some one wants me to make a video of how to hang a 50 to 65 inch tv with out a braket i will do so just post your comment

  9. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    Thank you. :-)

  10. o0subzero0o says:

    Awesome , awesome :)

  11. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    I wouldnt want to do it in plain sheetrock. But this one was drilled into 1×10 boards to anchor it. So you can pretty much hang from it.

  12. rutasr says:

    LCD’s are pretty heavy, I doubt this method provides sufficient support strength

  13. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    That sounds like as sweet setup you have. I would love to see pictures of it when you get them all mounted.

  14. chanceturcotte says:

    a gyration mouse it’s called

  15. chanceturcotte says:

    they all use the same computer via multiple tv out and can all by controlled by a mouse i have that works in midair for all monitors throughout the house (using 2.4ghz frequency good for 100 feet). it is kind of like a nintendo wii controller cept much longer range.

  16. chanceturcotte says:

    this is so awesome. everyone should know this. they charge up the butt for these things $100+!!! thanks sooooo much! i have like 3 of these to hang in my techie house. i have 3 monitors. one in the office, one as the living room tv, and a little one above my treadmill.

  17. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    Vesa 100 refers to the bolt pattern on the back of the monitor. The holes on the back are 100mm apart and they should take 4mm bolts. As far as tools go you should need only a drill and two bits. One to make the 4mm holes for the bolts to the monitor. And a 1 1/4″ one to make the hole in the wall. We took the flat panel to the hardware store and showed them what we wanted to do and they helped us find the parts we needed to do it.

  18. monkeebot says:

    i just searched the specs of my monitor, it is wall mountable, it requires “VESA 100mm” what is that ?

  19. monkeebot says:

    i’m not sure about what parts or tools i need to mount my lcd. i have a Samsung 22″ LCD monitor. i live in canada, if so any suggestions where should i buy it at?

  20. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    Thank you very much :-). I got every thing from the local hardware store. If you want to buy a mounting kit with every thing in it. Most big online stores sell them. but they are a bit spendy.

  21. monkeebot says:

    hey, great video. aside from that, where do you buy wall mount parts? i’m thinking of wall mounting my lcd too.

  22. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    Thank you :-). It is a little bit of work to do. But it is a whole lot cheaper then buying one. Good luck on yours.

  23. nirvan5a says:

    wow, nice and cheapest way, thank you. i’ll try iot this or next week.

  24. FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

    The price is crazy. The cheapest one we found was like $40.00 and did all kinds of crap like flipping upside down that we didnt need.

  25. IsoNurFace says:

    Looks Sharp! I know what a pain in the butt those mounts can be! My son and I mounted his 42″ Plasma in his room (nightmare). I would like to mount mine in my bedroom but mounting his made me re-think that thought(LOL). I like the way you did that very innovative. Those mounts are way over-priced anyway and heavy by itself.

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